Future Lions winners.

If you’re an ad creative and you’re not constantly paranoid of a younger generation appearing from nowhere to outsmart you out of a job, you’re doing it wrong.

Here are three great examples of creative thinking from three international teams of students. That’s right. Kids. Kids that ‘get it’. All three Future Lions entry vids not only show an understanding of an people, they provide simple, novel solutions to brand problems too. And they sum it all up in a few short minutes. So they ‘get’ the art of entry vids themselves. Fear. Fear now.

The brief for the 2011 competition was pretty open:
Advertise a product from a global brand in a way that couldn’t have been done five years ago, to an audience of your choosing.

And the spoils: A trip to the real Cannes. To mix with the current Cannes.

Above is WWF - Powernap by Eddie Aringhgren and Per Sturesson of Beckmans College of Design, Sweden.

Next up, 1800 Flowers - Flowers From Facebook. Yasmina Boustani and Katherina Schmitt of Miami Ad School. 

And finally, Netflix - Places, from Gabriel Garcia and Felipe Sampaio of Miami Ad School, Sau Paulo.